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Winter Golf

First things first, its a foregone conclusion that because its cold outside and you are wearing more clothes, you are not going to be able to hit the golf ball as far as you normally would. So always take “more club” when playing Winter golf.

Even though old man winter is in full force, it doesn’t mean that you should hang up your clubs for the entire winter.Winter Golf All it takes is a little more preparation, a small investment on some new apparel and of course…a lot of love for the game.

The experts say that most of our body heat is lost through our hands and our head. So in order to stay warm, we need to make sure that both are sufficiently covered. A nice beanie and a really good pair of winter golf gloves ought to do it.

A good way to keep your body warm is to wear layers, you may want to consider wearing 3 layers, a base layer, a mid layer and then finally the outer layer. This may sound bulky and awkward not to mention restricting but it works.

As with everything these days, there is a new variety of high-tech gear that is lighter and far less restricting. The material in this new fabric is designed to keep heat in and allow moisture out, resulting in maximum comfort and efficiency.

Remember, no matter how cold it is during winter golf, you’re on the course with your mates and that means a fun and enjoyable time. One last thing, keep hydrated and by this I mean drink water, the “beverages” for after your round!

While the above suggestions are all great, the best suggestion is to come play golf in Myrtle Beach during the it’s mild winter, rather than freezing your butts off up north!


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