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Wilmington NC Golf Courses

There are parts of the US with very nice seasonal weather year round, and beautiful hospitable terrain for tourism, recreation, and sports.  One such area is Wilmington, North Carolina. The town is located on the eastern seaboard of the US, 50 miles north of Myrtle Beach.  The temperate climate and easy terrain made the location very attractive for these recreational activities. The wide beaches created the impetus for resort communities and golf.

The terrain in Wilmington NC is very suited for golf as it is rolling with water ways, oak trees, and other lush wilmington golfvegetation, creating a unique environment. This wonderful natural environment has drawn developers into designing a variety of golf courses for the public. There are a wide variety of golf courses for the public, municipal, or private non-equity; all featuring long fairways, interesting layouts, challenging obstacles, and well manicured greens. Each features their own combination of breathtaking natural beauty, man-made challenges, and opportunities for sport.

As you peruse the internet for golf courses near Wilmington, there is information about the designers, their ratings, the types of grass found near the tees, and their slope ratings.Other sites have information about course’s websites. Usually, each course lists its’ fees, and discounts, if any. To help you find the course, there are directions. If you decide that you want to play, there is usually an online booking capability, and some even have golfing mobile apps to help make your decisions easier. You can even visit for help him planning every aspect of your trip.

Once you have decided to visit Wilmington, there are all kinds of accommodations in the area from budget motels to exclusive seaside resorts. Traveling to Wilmington is made even easier as Interstate 40 ends there. The town also features a local international airport for convenient flights in and out.  All of these aspects make traveling to, and staying in, the area very convenient and accommodating.

Once in the Wilmington area, after you enjoy a round of golf, you can then visit other local attractions like the ocean, local amusement parks, sports bars, and most notably, EUE Screen Gem Studios. This production company is the largest domestic television and movie production facility on the east coast and one of the biggest outside of California. “Dream Stage 10” is the facility’s newest sound stage and contains the largest special-effects water tank in North America.

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