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Visiting Myrtle Beach SC in the Fall

Why You’ll Prefer Visiting Myrtle Beach SC In The Fall

Did you know that people oftentimes prefer visiting Myrtle Beach SC in the fall, as opposed to the summer or springFall Golf because of the abundance of activities outside of golf ? Although commonly referred to as, “The Golf Capital of the world,” Myrtle Beach has a lot more to offer than just great golf courses.  While you may scratch your heads at this notion, don’t be so quick to write it off as total nonsense.

This glorious coastal town may not harken back to those glorious times when the horizon takes the autumnal hues that signal the winter wind’s familiar bite is back and tanned faces fade to rosy cheek.  It does however, proudly offer warm sandy beaches, seemingly endless miles of gorgeous greens to tee off on and beautiful evenings that beckon you outside.   Of course, Myrtle Beach is a great place to visit any time of the year, but fall is one of the most popular times to visit around here. The weather in the area is tropical nearly year round, so families who want to get away from cooler climates enjoy getting a last gasp of summer-like weather just one more time before the really cold season arrives. Visiting Myrtle Beach SC in the fall is a welcome reprieve from the long, blustery winter days that lie ahead.

Myrtle Beach offers fun for everyone. Nature lovers, sun lovers, and adventure seekers will find plenty to do at

Fall Golf In Myrtle Beach

reasonable prices that suit nearly every budget and wallet. Visiting Myrtle Beach SC in the Fall is a great time for fishing, boating, beaching and hitting our world renowned links.  So if any of those activities sound like something your family would enjoy, then we have just the adventure for you!

Family Activities When Visiting Myrtle Beach SC in the Fall:

Families who like to play together and create fun memories will enjoy going to Family Kingdom Park and to the Water Park next door. Admission to Kingdom Park is free and most of the fun is too. Tickets for rides are $1.15 each. The next door water park does charge admission, but the tickets for the rides are inexpensive, too.

NASCAR is very popular in South Carolina, so it is no wonder that there is a NASCAR Speedpark with go-carts for families to race against each other around the track. Everyone likes a little competition and this track fills the bill.

Fun in the Sun:

Myrtle Beach boasts a 60 mile coast line called the Grand Strand. Many of the hotel accommodations and condos available for rent are situated right by the beaches so the walk is short and sweet. Some folks just enjoy relaxing time lying in the sand, soaking up the sun and watching the kids play in the water.

Nature lovers:

If your family enjoys getting out and enjoying the full flavor of the natural world, there is no shortage of that at Myrtle Beach. You and your family can enjoy Huntington State Park that has 180 campsites and 4 picnic areas. They can also check out the salt water marsh or freshwater lagoon for something different to add to their memories. You can also check out Myrtle Beach State park for 300 acres of fun on hiking trails and a variety of campgrounds.

Golf Lovers:

Golf lovers will have no shortage of places to play a few holes for a little personal time.  At Myrtle Beach National, they will find King’s North, West Course, and South Creek courses.

Families who want a break from the sudden chill of fall will get a last blast of summer fun and usher in the winter season with smiles when while visitng Myrtle Beach SC in the fall.



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