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Save the Trinkets

“What is the greatest gift a dad could get on Father’s Day?”

“A free pass to play golf on Mother’s Day”

Although this a joke, albiet a bad one, men everywhere are chuckling and nodding their heads in agreement.  Although a free golf pass on Mother’s Day is not exactly realistic, we found a close second best.

Father’s Day: it happens every year and every year fathers all over the country end up with new grill and garage toys.  Yes, initially they might get a kick out of the new contraption, but how often does it get thrown on top of some dusty pile to forever be forgotten about?  We at Coastal Golfaway want to offer up some fresh ideas on what to get your dad or husband this June in an attempt to save future trinkets from the same fate.  Of course we might be bit biased here, but we certainly didn’t end up in the golf industry on the gorgeous coastal town of Myrtle Beach because we hated it.

Let’s be honest, it’s not that most people don’t want to give dad a better  or more thoughtful gift, it’s simply that they lack inspiration and time.  To help with the stress of finding that perfect gift, we took a moment to think about what we, as father’s and spouses, would love to receive on that special day devoted to us.

The first thing we noticed is that as we mature, and yes males do mature, we realize that material things hold less weight than they once did.  Climbing the list of importance are trips and activities because of the associated memories created during these cherished times that really make us smile. Across the board, we have come to find that men would prefer to have exciting memories than tangible objects, especially when it comes to such meaningful holidays as Father’s Day.

Now we are about to let you in on a little secret when it comes to the male species… And as much as they may try to deny it, most men actually prefer being around people as opposed to being alone. This might seem counter-intuitive to everything you’ve been told, but every guy we know would love a weekend with the wife and kids to get them involved in one of their favorite hobbies and pastimes. No matter your family’s skill level, your special guy would get infinite joy from having his loved ones around and bonding over a similar interest, or at least his interest. It is his day after all!

So forget the trinkets and knickknacks, help create memories that the whole family can treasure for life. Coastal Golfaway has some special packages to help make this idea become a reality for your family. This Father’s Day try giving dad a memory and save those trinkets from the same dusty fate as their predecessors.



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