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Now Is the Time to Book Your Winter Golf Vacation

Myrtle Beach Winter Golf

As fall begins to become cooler and cooler and sometimes shows a snowflake or two, golfers start to feel sad that theywinter golf 2 have to wait until spring to get back out onto the lush, green golf courses once again. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. Now is the time to book your winter golf vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC.

Quit Shoveling Snow And Hit Some Fairways!

The snow may be blowing outside your window at the office and at your home in the Northern states, but the wind is still blowing warmer air along Myrtle Beach’s golf courses. You don’t have to wait, huddled up in your warm and cozy house, watching Golf on TV when you can plan a respite from the snow at the golf courses at Myrtle Beach.

Early November is a great time to schedule your winter golf vacation because everyone else is starting to think just like you. You should get your golf vacation set up as soon as possible to assure you get the best golf package, tee times, and accommodations.

The most coveted tee time in the winter is 10 am. The later your tee time, the less likely you will get time to play a full round. The reason for this is that frost on the grass will need to be burned off by the sun before play can begin. If there is frost, tee times may be pushed back. Sunlight hours are shorter in the winter, of course, so that means the later the tee time the further back it will be pushed. If your time gets into dusk, you’re out of luck.

A Bit Warmer In Myrtle Beach Compared To The Northeastmyrtle beach weather

The good news is that winter temperatures in Myrtle Beach tend to stay in the 60s during the months of Dec-February, with brief cold and warm spells that can swing temperatures during the day to the 40s to the 70s. So the grass does tend to stay healthy, though the rough, taller grasses may turn brown.

Golf Packages are available to allow a golfer to enjoy several courses. Most of the packages include lunch and beer. Some packages will include hotel accommodations, breakfast and replays. While most packages are preset, you can still build your own package that may work better for you.

If you are in the winter doldrums, knowing that soon you will be shoveling snow, why not get in a golf vacation that will help make the long winter just a little more tolerable and maybe even just a little bit shorter.

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