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Make Your Golf Travel a Breeze with Ship Sticks

It’s never been easier to travel to the coastal Carolina region to play golf. With dozens of daily non-stop flights serving Myrtle Beach International Airport and Wilmington International Airport, arriving for your Grand Strand golf trip has never been more convenient.

What’s not so simple, though, is the process of transporting your golf clubs from your hometown to the beach.

If you’re flying, you’re understandably reluctant to pay more for an oversized bag, then worry about the hassle of lugging it in and out of the airport. Let’s not forget about an airport baggage handling process that’s not always “gentle.” Do you really want to subject your brand-new driver to that? We didn’t think so!

And if you’re driving into town with your buddies, you don’t want to be crammed together like sardines because of all the luggage and golf bags in your vehicle. That’s just not comfortable, and not the way you want to start your annual golf trip.

Rather than go through the headache and worry that comes from traveling with your golf clubs, do what many smart golfers do and try Ship Sticks!

Chances are you’ve seen Ship Sticks’ commercials on Golf Channel – they seem to pop up during every commercial break!

Why is Ship Sticks a better way to travel with golf clubs?

Simply put, Ship Sticks is a hassle-free way to make sure your clubs get to your vacation destination with no problems. Ship Sticks will make sure your golf trip planning has one less stressful element – now that you won’t have Fred to blame for not packing your clubs.

The best part about Ship Sticks is you can have them sent directly to your hotel, or straight to the first golf course on your itinerary. In addition, Ship Sticks will even have your clubs picked up from your house and ship them right back to your front porch after your golf trip is complete. It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

How It Works:

  1. Schedule Your Shipment

Visit the “Ship Now” page on Ship Sticks’ website and fill out basic information form.

  1. Print & Attach Shipping Details

After your shipment has been scheduled, select “Print All Labels” from your confirmation page.

  1. Prepare Golf Clubs

To safely ship your golf clubs, you will need to have your golf clubs or luggage packed in a golf travel bag.

  1. Carrier Picks Up Clubs

Sit back and wait for your clubs to be picked up during the scheduled time frame.

  1. Track Your Shipment

You’ll receive a tracking code that can be used to get real-tie tracking updates.

  1. Clubs Arrive

Once your clubs arrive at the destination, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

  1. Repeat for Return Back Home

If you selected a round trip shipment, you’ll repeat the steps all over again when it’s time to leave the beach.

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