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Getting to Know: Chase McGraw

Get to know Chase McGraw, Jerry’s son. Chase has been with Coastal Golfaway since 2014.

How did you start working for Coastal Golfaway?

I got involved right after college. I graduated with a degree in accounting, and knew that I didn’t want to make a career out of that. At the time there was some turnover at Coastal Golfaway and thankfully he had a spot for me.

With your dad in the golf business, did you grow up loving golf?

Growing up I was a basketball player and I wasn’t interested in golf at all. I got interested when one day my dad tookJerry McGraw and Chase McGraw of Coastal Golfaway me out to the driving, and I hit that first pure ball. As most golfers know that feeling is pretty addicting once you experience it.  As I got older, I began to appreciate it more, and that truly came around after my first trip to Augusta.  There is very few sporting experiences like the Masters, and I fell in love with the traditions, and the sacrifice those guys give to be the best golfers in the world.

What makes working in the golf package industry unique?

To me the golf package industry is unique, because most of the time the people doing the selling, enjoy the packages just as much as the customers. It is easy for me to talk to my customers, because as a group leader myself, I already know a lot of the questions our guests may have from first hand experience. Not only that, many of my favorite courses are located in Myrtle, and I can easily explain why golfers should go in certain directions.

But probably the most interesting part of the job is our client diversity. Here at Coastal we deal with groups as small as 2 golfers, all the way up to Companies with 100+ golfers. Each group is different and when putting together their vacation it is fun to be able to craft experiences for them that I know they will enjoy.

Why should someone take a golf trip?

This is kind of an open-ended question, but for  me, it’s great to take a golf trip because it gets friends back together. As we grow older, we tend to move away from our friends, so having one trip where you are meeting up each year is great because you can catch up.

Why should someone take a golf trip to the Myrtle Beach area?

For people my age (mid to late 20’s), it’s nice because you have the beach, restaurants, and nightlife all in one spot. Most people my age cant afford the luxury golf destinations, but we want to play good golf, at a great value, and have a good time doing it.

What’s your favorite club in your bag right now?

I would say my four iron because I can hit it pretty long and straight off the tee. My driver goes far but I don’t always know if it is going to be in play.

What’s your favorite area course and why?Barefoot Resort - The Fazio Golf Course

My favorite course in the area is a tie between the  Fazio course at Barefoot and Bald Head Island. Barefoot because of the location. When we go on our trips, that’s where we go. It is in a central location and the golf courses are always in phenomenal shape. It’s a ton of fun and I like that it’s a single tee, so you aren’t bunched up with everyone. Also one of the best clubhouses on the strand to watch guys finish up, and catch a drink.

Bald Head is just a unique experience in itself. You head over on a ferry, which takes you to the island, from there you get carted to the course. As they say, half the fun is getting over there. But then once you are there you have an awesome George Cobb layout with views of the ocean, salt marshes, and the historic Bald Head lighthouse. Not to Bald Head Island Golf Clubmention once you are over there you can play all day.(or until the last ferry back)

What’s your most memorable golf experience?

One of my favorite golfing experiences is probably going up to Long Island and playing Friars Head with my dad and a family friend. That is my favorite course hands down. What made it even more memorable is that was one of the first few times I ever beat him on 18.

Who wins? You or your dad?

Right now, I would say me. But, it has taken me a long time to feel confident to say that. Nowadays he only plays around 12 times a year, and I have a considerable advantage off the tee.  But a recent round at Wachesaw East proves he can still go low when there is a little money involved.

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