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Bogey or Bikini?

The warm, sticky, fragrant and carefree days of summer are just around the corner.  That means that  it is officially time to break out the grill, beer, boogie boards  and golf clubs.  Oh yeah and that dusty ‘ol gym membership too.  Well, we could state the obvious and tell you to hit the gym because nobody wants to see  your beer gut jiggling away, especially all those tanned, toned, young things strutting along the beaches of South Carolina.  Instead, we are telling to you to amp up your physical fitness routine so you can make everyone jealous during the times it matters the most – on the links.

To some, it might sound like we are committing a cardinal sin here, how dare we recommend getting into fighting form for golf and not the beach (insert gasp here)!  We here at Coastal Golfaway would prefer to strut our stuff decked out in Polo’s and chinos, mimicking Tiger’s swinging style (on the course only) over scalding sand, burning skin and our guts hanging out in weird patterned trunks any day of the week.

Of course working out is crucial to looking awesome in golf gear, especially when you’re posing for prized pics after sinking that famed hole-in-one. Even more important though, the key role exercise plays in preventing injuries made all the more common by long sedentary winter nights spent eating baked  treats and washing ’em down with  adult beverages.  Having a strong, fluid swing, sturdy back and solid core are three three major areas to focus on in order to prevent typical golf injuries while ensuring your swing is up to par and your range of motion is where it should be.

Just a dose of  preparation, hard work and commitment at the beginning will get you on the path to noticeably improving your golf game and your beach body. Quit waiting for your motivation to come in the form of a bikini, and get motivated by your bogey!   Start moving today and reap the rewards for a lifetime.  What else do you have to lose? Other than a few strokes.

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