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Affordable Golf Getaway Trips In Myrtle Beach

For the best choices in affordable Myrtle Beach Golf getaway trips, talk to the professional golf package providers from Coastal Golfaway.  We understand that you want great golf at some of the top golf courses along the east coast.  We know that you want to get preferred tee times and most importantly, you want to do it for the most affordable price possible. Coastal Golfaway has been providing the best in golf packages since the mid 80’s, and our goal is to meet all of your needs.

Cheap Vs. Affordable Myrtle Beach GolfLegends Golf Resort - Heathland

There are over 100 golf courses to choose from on the Grand Strand in South Carolina.  Like everything else in life, some are better than others, and the price of each course is different depending on the time of year, scheduled tee times, and the different events going out throughout the year.  We review all of these facts and provide you with most affordable golf getaway trips in Myrtle Beach.  Just because something is cheap or affordable does not mean it is not good.  We do the heavy lifting to help you determine what is the best for you and your group.

Playing along the Grand Strand on Budget

Although we like to believe at Coastal Golf that we can take care of absolutely everything, there are a few things that you can do to decrease the cost of your next golf excursion.  Take a little extra time and search for affordable Myrtle Beach Golf getaway flights or travel, and you may be able to save a few extra dollars on airfare.  Direct flights to Myrtle Beach are a bit more expensive, so you may be able to knock a few dollars off by taking a connecting flight or two.  Usually you can find the fares to be much cheaper if you book your flight in advance.  Be sure to check on the cost of baggage as well as a 60lb golf bag can wreck your travel budget pretty quickly.

If you are traveling by car, you may be amazed at how much stuff can actually fit in a golf bag.  There are no weight limits in a car, so pack up the vehicle with 4 guys and tell everyone to plan on being a bit more cautious with their luggage.  Explain that you are trying to make the golf trip to Myrtle Beach as affordable as possible for everyone, and each person needs to do his part.

Finally, be sure to contact Coastal Golfaway the moment you have your group together.  We will help you plan any affordable Myrtle Beach Golf Getaway Trips that we can think of.  Call us today!

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